Saturday, October 16, 2010

High Focus a Video that brings you gamma brainwaves to focus for your Wo...

Here is another great way to gain focus and High energy quickly

Put on your headsets.

Sit back and relax...clear your mind and allow your brain to get in sync with the sound and the visuals.

I use this sort of Gamma soundtrack when I want to meet a deadline or need to concentrate.

High focus can be used for creativity or when you need to study.

I also suggest that you find a video or soundtrack that will help you change you brain sync to a calmer level. You WILL be amazed how the brain works and is influenced by sound and sight...there is such a thing as sound and visual overload.

I will be posting more of these videos, along with some excellent products that you might want to invest in to further your ability to meditate, relax or enhance your creativity and work.  You can also find more of these videos by Chris Fuertes  at YouTube