Saturday, June 13, 2009

BrainSync - Theta Wave w/ Fractals

This has got to be the coolest video I have ever watched in relation to Brain Sync. The audio track that is used in this video is Kelly Howard's "High Focus", which stimulates the brain into the Theta Frequency Stage used for deep concentration, focus and learning. I have used this CD on many occasions when I have had deadlines, needed to write articles, papers or have fallen behind in my blogging. I have recommended it to my children who are in High School and college when they become stressed to the point that they can't get anything done. Within five minutes they are concentrating again and some of the papers and creativity that come out of their time with Brain Sync has amazed me.

This YouTube Video in particular gives an excellent explanation of Theta Brain Waves and how they are important in our overall brain health. I have not heard of listening and viewing the factals before...but indeed, I found that I fell in to a Theta state much quicker then with just the CD and Headphones.

Try it!

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